Read carefully the following README file containing information about requirements and how to proceed. You may also find interesting information in the History file.

Make sure to have a virtualization software installed on your computer, such as VMware Workstation Player for Windows or VMware Fusion for Mac or Parallels Desktop for Mac M1/M2.

According to your virtualization software, download and uncompress the following compressed file G4.11.1.2_RockyLinux8.7z

Mac users may use the Chrome browser if they encounter difficulties with the download. The total compressed file size is about 20 Go and reaches 30 Go when fully decompressed. Under Windows, one can uncompress using the 7-Zip software . Mac users shall use the Unarchiver software.

Open the uncompressed file having the .vmx extension using the virtualization software (menu File and then Open) and play the virtual machine. Respond that you have copied the machine if asked. You get access to a fully functional Linux machine on your Windows PC or Mac